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Cutting Board by Fitmeat - Made of Austrian Oak

With us, wood shows its robust side! From its hardest side, to be precise. Because our cutting boards really take a beating and are extremely robust!

Have you ever thought about how often you have used your chopping board? We would say almost every day, wouldn't you? Yes, a board like this really has to withstand a lot. Whether it's vegetables, fruit, bread or meat, people chop on it diligently every day.

To ensure that your chopping board lasts a long time and your kitchen knives are protected, it's worth choosing the highest quality here too.

Why oak chopping boards?

Austrian oak is considered one of the most robust types of wood and is practically unbeatable or indestructible as a perfect kitchen board. In addition, the wood is particularly durable, antibacterial and gentle on blades. Two factors that are truly outstanding in the daily kitchen.

Oak kitchen board

At Fitmeat you will find premium cutting boards that also look good. Because the end grain, also known as end grain, has the characteristic grain in which even the annual rings are visible.

What makes end-grain chopping boards special?

To make a kitchen board like this, you really need craftsmanship and experience in addition to perfect wood. Because the procedure is far more complex than with classic kitchen boards. It starts with the cutting of the wood. In comparison, the wood is cut across the trunk or grain. No wonder they go so perfectly with our steaks, right?

Benefits of oak chopping boards

There are a number of good reasons to choose our Fitmeat end-grain kitchen boards. The smooth surface makes them wonderfully gentle on kitchen knives. Due to the natural tannic acid of the oak wood, they have an antibacterial effect and are extremely stable.