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Fitmeat Eichenbrett Klein

Fitmeat Wooden Kitchen Board Small

from austrian oak


Currently out of stock

Robust, gentle on knives and perfect for working cleanly! Our cutting board made of oak wood in the highest quality.


Currently out of stock

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Product number: FM190011.1

Meat knowledge

With wood at its toughest - that's how our exclusive Fitmeat chopping boards present themselves. Made from the highest quality end-grain wood from the Austrian oak tree, they are robust and perfect for everyday use.

Whether for cutting vegetables, fruit, meat or bread - our Fitmeat cutting board does it all! This is because Austrian oak is considered one of the most robust types of wood available on the market. With its antibacterial properties, oak is naturally excellent for working in the kitchen.

With dimensions of 20 x 30 cm, the cutting board is practical to use and does not take up much space either on the kitchen unit or in the drawer.

Reasons for a high-quality oak cutting board

If you think about how often you use a chopping board and what happens to kitchen knives in the process - then it is definitely worth choosing high-quality material. Thanks to the particularly smooth surface, our oak wood chopping boards are especially gentle on the knife blade and virtually indestructible.

Cut marks, scratches and the like, which are the enemy of every kitchen knife but make Best Friend with bacteria and co., you won't find with our cutting boards.

Fitmeat chopping boards made of end grain wood

Our exclusive chopping boards are not just "carved" from special wood, but from the best! Because only high-quality end-grain wood from the Austrian oak tree is used for them. This also makes the chopping boards a real eye-catcher visually!

To make a kitchen board like this, you really need craftsmanship and experience in addition to perfect wood. Because the procedure is far more elaborate than with classic kitchen boards.

It starts with the cutting of the wood. In comparison, the wood is cut across the trunk or grain. No wonder they go so perfectly with our steaks, right?

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Robust, gentle on knives and perfect for working cleanly! Our cutting board made of oak wood in the highest quality.

Item number FM190011.1