Fitmeat Gin - For that certain ginsalabim

A perfect steak, refined with ingenious spices and served with wonderful side dishes, really only needs one thing: an equally outstanding gin!

And, Simsalabim, here it is!

Gin from the province of Salzburg: Koppler Moor Gin.

In our online shop you will find a perfect selection of delicious varieties from the province of Salzburg - and this one has it all! Because the "Koppler Moor Gin" from Huberbauern is prepared with botanicals directly from beautiful Salzburg.

The wonderful herbs that end up in the juniper schnapps and give it its wonderful aroma are found practically on the farm's doorstep. This also includes the peat from the Koppler Moor, which makes the taste even more interesting.

What actually is gin? Ingredients and processing!

Those who have not yet had the pleasure of drinking gin will probably ask themselves what makes the drink so special. After all, it has become a real trend drink.

It is a clear brandy based on high-proof neutral alcohol. Potatoes, apples or grapes are usually used to make this base. But the really important ingredient is juniper berries! They give it its characteristic aroma.

Additives such as herbs, fruits or spices then ultimately transform the gin into an absolute pleasure experience and create an incredible variety of fine taste nuances.

Do you want to treat yourself to a very special treat that will surprise your taste buds? Then you've come to the right place - with this in mind: Cheers.