Fitmeat handcrafted kitchen knives

One good knife replaces a whole drawer of bad knives! That alone should be reason enough to treat yourself to a hand-forged knife. But there are other reasons too ...

Benefits of a handmade kitchen knife

For example, a really sharp and high-quality knife plays a really important role in the preparation, i.e. when cutting fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Just think of the fine fibres of your steak, a really crispy crust on roast pork, or the almost filigree meat structure of a Wagyu steak - you need a kitchen knife that can keep up.

A clean cut, without fringes, without fiddling - that's what makes a really good kitchen knife.

Hand-forged premium knives from Martin Huber!

We have been working with the passionate knifemaker Martin Huber for several years now. Because these knives are of the highest quality and each of his pieces are painstakingly handcrafted. The combination of the best materials and outstanding workmanship creates kitchen knives that are second to none.

Kitchen knives need some attention too - How do I care for chef's knives properly?

Robust and sharp, that's how we know the hand-forged kitchen knives from Martin Huber. But even the sharpest knife needs care, in the form of a new sharpening. Of course, with a little practice, you can do it yourself - but it's worth letting the experts do the work.

Having kitchen knives sharpened

That's exactly what Martin Huber and his team like to do and offer knife sharpening as a service in the forge. This way you have a knife for eternity. A companion that is always ready to go and simply unbeatable in its many uses.

Why such high-quality knives are made to last forever can be read in numerous descriptions and explanations. But how it feels to work with such a knife in practice is something you should experience for yourself.

In our online shop you can find kitchen knives for almost everything you need to cut in the kitchen. By the way, professionals don't just cut with these knives, they also cut meat without using an extra filleting knife.