Fitmeat Spices & Sauces - For the right finish!

A kitchen without spices? Hard to imagine, isn't it? We think so too! After all, dishes live not only from the highest quality in terms of products, but also from the perfect seasoning. And because we love spices and sauces, you will find a wide range of products in our online shop!

Whether for marinades, rubs or for refining classic dishes - we have everything your taste buds could wish for.

Finest spices as Salzburg

When it comes to our spices, we also pay attention to regionality and the highest knowledge of the producers. Therefore, we have specially created spice mixtures produced by a Salzburg manufacturer.

The mixtures have absolute premium quality and are free of glutamates, additives and colourings. With great attention to aromatic detail, each individual product is tested for taste and quality.

In addition to the highest quality ingredients, each jar also contains a large portion of heart and soul and passion. And these range from classic "always needed" spices to unusual blends for very special recipes.

Spice variety from Ankerkraut: spice blends for pesto, curry and BBQ rub

The Hamburg-based label "Ankerkraut" provides us and our dishes with really cool spice blends. With its unusual spices, Ankerkraut really mixes up your taste habits. Starting with the noble Fleur de Sel, in different variations, over various curries up to Hanseatic salt, everything is there.

The BBQ mixtures for grilling or smoking are particularly recommended. With "Magic Dust", "Bang Boom Bang" or "Beef Booster", you can refine your Fitmeat premium steaks to your heart's content. In our Fitmeat Shop you will find selected products from the Hamburg label Ankerkraut for every dish!

Cook & Grill means experiencing spices in a new way - the finest creations from the Salzkammergut!

In the beautiful Salzkammergut region, you can find an infinite number of wonderful herbs to create perfect spice compositions. This is exactly what Cook & Grill does and provides us with spice blends of a very special kind.

The two pleasure enthusiasts Marcel and Elanie not only find the finest ingredients in the spice gardens, but also the necessary inspiration to come up with completely new creations.

At Cook & Grill, too, sustainability and regionality are top priorities, as is social commitment and, of course, the very highest quality - which makes them a perfect cooperation partner for Fitmeat.

In our online shop you'll find a great selection of exciting blends from the Salzburg label: so let the spices from Cook & Grill amaze you.