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Pulled Pork


ca. 100 g (9.9 € / g)

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Pulled pork is considered the supreme discipline on the barbecue - and calls for an equally first-class spice!

Currently out of stock

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Product number: FM199019

Meat knowledge

What can't be missing from a real BBQ? That's right, pulled pork and of course the perfect spice! And that's exactly what we've found with the Pulled Pork spice mix from Cook & Grill. A select blend of harmonious spices provides that extra kick of flavour and ensures that your jaw will drop when enjoying pulled pork, burgers and the like.

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The ingenious spice blends from Cook & Grill are more than just ingredients in cooking. They are an exquisite combination of selected herbs and spices whose flavours harmonise perfectly with each other. How does that work?

It takes passion, knowledge and decades of experience! Together with his daughter Elaine, Marcel, a self-proclaimed spice fetishist, creates combinations in a class of their own. From classic spices that serve as all-rounders to exotic and daring creations, everything is here!

Here, taste comes out of the spice jar in full force; what is used modestly, on the other hand, is salt and sugar! That alone is why we find the spices so ingenious!

What else do Cook & Grill and Fitmeat have in common besides their love of exceptionally good food? The appreciation of regional production and the high value of sustainable products. The spice ingredients are all personally grown by Marcel in the beautiful Salzkammergut region. Anything that cannot be harvested or grown in his own garden is sourced without exception from Austria in the best regional quality

Item number FM199019