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Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022 Blended Islay Whisky 54,2 % Vol.


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Here, the best Islay single malts - including Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore, Port Ellen - are blended together to create a whisky that is like a feast in a bottle. Perfect with grilled steaks!

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Meat knowledge

The Scottish island of Islay stands for a harsh climate, fascinating coasts and smoke. Even though there are many legends and myths surrounding the southernmost town of the Inner Hebrides, one thing is guaranteed: If you enjoy Islay whisky, you can look forward to a good portion of smoke and peat.

This is exactly the case with the Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022 Blended Islay Whisky. Because it's ready to create a proper festive mood. With a large selection of the best Islay whiskies, it's a real party in a bottle.

Blended instead of single malt

Even though this is not a single malt, it embodies the character of the island in a fascinating way. Created from a noble blend of the best whisky varieties of the Islay distillery, it is bottled without colouring and unfiltered to bring the full force of the flavours to life.

The character of the Big Peat Beach BBQ

The result? A smoky whisky, with a fabulous mouthfeel. The oily spirit develops as soon as you let it out of the bottle. Because then a scent of tar, peat and cocoa beans wafts around your nose and your taste buds are surprised by an earthy trof and a nutty character.

4 whiskies provide a firework of aromas!

While the Caol Ila whisky counteracts the tart flavours with its sweetish note, Bowmore provides a balancing note. Ardeberg rounds off the whisky with earthy notes and with the addition of Port Ellen, the final elegance of the drop is achieved. In the finish, the whisky impresses with a mixture of peat and seaweed, whereby the rough maritime character of the island returns once again.

The perfect whisky for steaks

The Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022 bears its name for a good reason: because hardly any whisky is better suited for a BBQ. As Douglas Laings himself reveals, the secret of the whisky is to enjoy it with a grilled steak. Because the juicy grill notes really bring out the sweet side of the drop.

Our steak recommendations

For the Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022, you need a really horny steak with lots of flavour. The following cuts are a perfect match:

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What is Cask Strength Whisky?

This term is used to describe the cask strength of a whisky when it is made. It is the alcohol content by volume used for the whisky during its maturation, which is around 60 - 65% by volume.

In contrast to mass-produced whiskies, which are already diluted with water during bottling, cask strength whiskies arrive in the bottle unadulterated. Many producers use the dilution with water to make the whisky more "palatable" on the one hand and to reduce the production costs on the other.

With a Cask Strength Whisky, however, the focus is on pure, unadulterated enjoyment. The perfect choice for whisky lovers. Those who want their whisky to be a little milder, however, can also be happy here. Because the noble drop can be diluted with a little water and thus brought to the desired taste. So experimentation is definitely allowed here!

Playing with the whisky flavours

Adding a little water to a whisky has an enormous influence on the taste and character of the drink. Some flavours can be brought out even more strongly this way. Whether the water is added directly to the glass or in the form of ice cubes is up to you. We recommend about 1/3 to 1/2 of water for the mixture.

If you want to enjoy the Casks Strenght Whisky a little diluted, another advantage is that the contents of the bottle will naturally last much longer. Because mixed with water, you not only get more nuances and flavour, but also more whisky for the same price.

Item number SW10199