Beef from the Old Cow!

What makes the meat of an old cow so special? A question that many people certainly ask themselves. It is not uncommon to assume that the meat loses flavour with age. But exactly the opposite is the case.

Old tradition, new taste!

Cattle develop more and more flavour in the course of their lives! Raised in a species-appropriate and comfortable manner, cattle lead a wonderfully long life and this is exactly what affects the quality of the meat. It becomes a true delicacy.

What does the meat of an old cow taste like?

Beef as you have never tasted it before. When you enjoy the meat of an old cow, you experience an intensely nutty taste full of buttery aromas. Beef has never tasted so fabulously good. And there is another good reason to choose the meat of an old cow.

Because the cattle have already been allowed to lead a wonderful and meaningful life and simply be cows. So these cattle have not only lived because of their meat, but have been able to live out their cow existence properly.

This is exactly what ultimately affects the indescribably wonderful taste of the meat. The exercise on the lush pastures, the fresh and natural fodder, the fresh air and the wide open spaces available to them - all this is rewarded with a wonderful aroma. The meat is also much more tender and juicy.

In our online shop you will find wonderful Dry Aged varieties from the Old Cow. These include dry-aged rump steak, rib-eye steak or dry-aged boiled beef from the old cow. Let yourself be inspired and experience beef enjoyment in a completely new way.