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WAGYU Zabuton

from Upper Austrian Fullblood-Wagyu (BMS 9-12)


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A noble cut of Wagyu beef with distinctive marbling and fabulously tender meat. The intense flavour makes it an absolute delicacy.


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Product number: FM106105

Meat knowledge

The Zabuton is probably best compared to a Denver Cut. Both are among the lesser-known meat cuts and surprise with their incredibly tender meat. In addition, there is the unmistakable flavour, which is supported by the fine fat deposits

The zabuton comes from the transition from the neck to the back of the beef - according to the Japanese cut. The most striking feature of this cut is the pronounced, fine marbling. This fatty deposit gives the meat a wonderful flavour

What makes zabuton special?

The Zabuton from Wagyu beef is therefore an incredibly tender and buttery steak for a taste experience in a class of its own. It is perfect for short roasting and, when prepared correctly, is very juicy and tender. After grilling/roasting, be sure to let it rest and slice across the grain.

Soft as a pillow - the zabuton of Wagyu beef

Translated from Japanese, "zabuton" means something like "pillow" and that actually fits pretty well. Because the meat is hard to beat for tenderness and juiciness. Soft as a pillow and with a taste that makes you dream

Wagyu cattle from Fitmeat

Basically, "Wagyu" is nothing other than "Japanese cattle" - which is exactly how it is translated. This breed of cattle became particularly famous through the hype surrounding Kobe (original name would be Kōbe) meat. This exquisite breed also belongs to the Wagyu cattle.

The only difference? Only any that come from the Kōbe region of Japan may be called Kobe cattle. A bit like classic champagne, then

The exclusive Wagyu beef from Austria
The even better Kobe beef

At Fitmeat you get first-class premium meat from Austrian Wagyu beef in the highest marbling grade. With a BMS of 9 - 12, there is simply nothing that could be better

Compared to the Japanese Kobe beef (Kōbe), our Wagyu cattle grow up on a beautiful small farm in the Salzkammergut. There, Carina and Roland breed 100% purebred Fullblood Black Wagyu cattle. With the highest quality standards, knowledge and passion, and already in the third generation

The outstanding characteristics of the Wagyu, or rather the intramuscular fat, the short fibres and the high amount of glutamic acid, meet here with the best and most careful breeding. Free range, exclusively natural feed and slow rearing guarantee the best quality

The Beef Marbling Score
What exactly is BMS?

When it comes to the crème de la crème of steaks, everything revolves around the well-known BMS. But what exactly does that actually mean? The Beef Marbling Standard, or BMS for short, is measured on the basis of 6 factors. These include marbling, meat colour, meat firmness and grain, fat colour and quality.

There are 12 classification levels, with 12 being the highest possible marbling level. This means that the meat has the highest amount of intramuscular fat

In the pan


Cows image

The Wagyu cattle come from a small farm in the beautiful Salzkammergut. Carina and Roland are now the third generation to breed 100 % purebred Black Wagyu cattle there.

They attach great importance to producing products of the highest quality. They place particular emphasis on animal welfare, environmental protection and strengthening the region. They do not feed maize at all in order to protect the bees and the flora.

In summer, the cattle graze on extensive pastures; in winter, they stay in the free-range barn with its own terrace.

The natural needs of the animals are always in focus, which is why the Wagyu cattle. have large running areas in the stables. There are also separate areas for bulls, calving cows and calves depending on their age. This way we guarantee that the animals can live out their natural herd behaviour and live stress-free.

Complete documentation and careful selection of the stud bulls, along with attention to genetics, are the basis for such great Wagyu meat. Balanced and natural feed as well as particularly animal-friendly husbandry ensure the best quality.

Item number FM106105
Breed 100% Fullblood Wagyu
Born in Austria
Raised in Austria
Slaughtered in Austria
Cut in Austria
Feeding Fresh grass on pasture, brewer's grains, possibly maize or cereals
Meat maturation 3-5 weeks on the bone
Shelf life at 0-4°C 5-14 days
Shelf life at -18°C 180 days
Hygiene advice Prepare and consume immediately after opening. Kitchen hygiene is important: Keep the cold chain. Store separately from other products. Work cleanly. Heat through before consumption.
Storage advice (Fresh) Store refrigerated at 0 °C to +4 °C.
Storage advice (deep-frozen) *** compartment (-18 °C): best before: see label - ** compartment: 2 weeks - * compartment or ice cube compartment: 1-3 days - Do not refreeze after defrosting.


  • Fresh meat, no frozen goods
  • Meat from small farmers in Austria
  • Aged and finished by our traditional butcher
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  1. At Fitmeat, you only get premium meat of the best quality from selected small farmers in Austria.
  2. Our experienced master butchers are pioneers in meat refinement and maturation. At Fitmeat, you get perfectly matured meat that has never been frozen.
  3. With meat from Fitmeat, you experience sustainable meat enjoyment of a special kind, because quality goes beyond the plate with us.
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