Our Nose-To-Tail range

Pure taste, real appreciation -
our nose-to-tail range

At Fitmeat, we are committed to high-quality and conscious meat consumption. Because meat is a precious commodity and should be valued accordingly.  Therefore, we see the current trend of the nose-to-tail movement as a great development.

In our selection you will find an exquisite range of delicate offal from pork, beef and poultry. 

Why offal is so delicious?

Animals are not only made up of noble cuts. Of course, these are particularly popular and incredibly delicious, but there is far more to discover. At least in culinary terms.

In addition to the well-known cuts, there is a whole range of offal and boiling meat waiting to be tasted and to blow your mind with flavours.

With their multi-faceted aroma and flavour, offal is anything but boring. On the contrary, it has become an integral part of high-end restaurants.

Prepared correctly and in the highest quality, they provide a flavour experience that was previously unheard of.

Are offal healthy?

Besides the fact that the complete utilisation of animals is an absolute appreciation, there is another reason in favour of offal: it is considered a great source of nutrients.

Contrary to the assumption that offal such as kidney and liver should be viewed critically, offal can be a really healthy delicacy. Packed with zinc, iron and healthy fats, they boost the immune system and support the formation of red blood cells.

What should I watch out for when eating offal?

When perfectly prepared, offal is an absolute highlight of taste. However, there are a few factors to consider when buying and preparing offal:

Freshness is an absolute must
Offal is a particularly sensitive cut and should thus be prepared as fresh as possible. At Fitmeat, offal is therefore perfectly cooled and shipped safely and quickly.

Conscious enjoyment
As with almost everything in life, the motto is: enjoy in moderation. Because of the high mineral content, offal should not end up on your plate every day. Pregnant women and people who already consume a high amount of minerals are especially advised not to eat offal.

Do you feel like trying something new? Then let yourself be inspired by our Nose-To-Tail range. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone!

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