Our Big 5 - Taste, Origin, Quality, Transparency and Customer Service

Fleischkauf ist Vertrauenssache! Wir selektieren die besten Fleischcuts für unsere Kunden. Fleisch soll in Maßen konsumiert werden und dabei in bester Qualität. Der würdevolle Umgang mit dem Tier steht für uns dabei im absoluten Vordergrund. Wir distanzieren uns von langen Tiertransporten und setzen auf regionale landwirtschaftliche Betriebe und viel Zeit zur Verarbeitung und Reifung, um jedes Steak und jedes Stück Fleisch in bester Qualität anbieten zu können.

Meat is not just meat!

The enjoyment of meat is more than mere consumption! It is the quality, the meat texture, the wonderfully crispy skin of our poultry, the smoky aroma of our steaks, the delicate mouth feel and much more!

That's exactly what we offer you at Fitmeat! Because we have made it our mission to offer our customers genuine meat delicacies of the highest quality at fair prices.

Transparency about the origin and production of our meat products counts just as much as personal advice to our customers.

Top service and advice:

  • Exclusive meat knowledge
  • Preparation instructions
  • Personal advice on meat cuts
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Partner farmers of Fitmeat: Farmers from Austria

Fitmeat is a reliable customer and is known for its genuine loyalty. This enables our farmers to plan and to have security in their production. Our farmers' animals therefore enjoy exactly the life they want. Housed in spacious stables, they are fed only the best ingredients, without any additives. They can sunbathe on the lush meadows and pastures or take a walk in the snow. A real lottery life, so to speak, and from birth to the moment of butchery!

Advantages for our farmers:

  • Planning security
  • Complete utilization
  • Fair payment
  • Complete purchase of the products
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On-farm butchery - EU bio certified 

We pursue high values not only during the raising of the animals, but also during the butchering process. Because respectful treatment of animals does not end on the farm. It goes way beyond that. 

For the welfare of the animals, we strictly distance ourselves from long animal transports or factory farming. This is the only way we can pursue our high values in addition to the promised high meat quality.

We attach great importance to:  

  • Short transport routes
  • Respectful individual butchering
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Time to chill! 
Meat aging & cutting

Yes, meat should also hang out and chill for a while. But there is more to meat processing than that. This is the controlled maturation technique of raw meat. 

A process that requires a lot of time and proper finesse. If done correctly, the meat becomes extremely tender and produces a perfect aroma of its own. And our butchers know a thing or two about this - because they are true professionals! 

What does this mean for our customers? Perfectly dry-aged, top marbled and wonderfully tender meat for a real taste experience!

The Fitmeat standards:

  • Our beef is dry-aged on the bone for at least 2 - 3 weeks before it is trimmed
  • Our steaks are dry-aged on the bone for 3 - 5 weeks
  • Our pork is dry-aged for 5 - 10 days
  • Our poultry is only delivered fresh
Bequem Fleisch online bestellen

Buying meat has never been so easy!

As soon as we receive your order with the desired date, our butchers sharpen their knives and freshly prepare your ordered steaks. Freshness is our credo!

Fitmeat Owner and meat sommelier Florian Haslinger checks the quality of every piece of meat before we start preparing it for dispatch.

With your order you:

  • support the preservation of Austrian agriculture.
  • set a sign against factory farming
  • enjoy hormone-free meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry 
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Sustainable production is packaged and delivered sustainably!

Sustainability from start to finish! Not only in the production and origin of our meat products do we focus on sustainability! We also focus on maximum environmental friendliness in our logistics and plastic-free insulated packaging.

At Fitmeat you only get fresh meat that has never been frozen. How do we achieve this? We use special and sustainable insulated cardboard packaging and sufficient reusable cooling packs. 

While maintaining the cold chain, the meat arrives at your home super fresh and optimally cooled.

We pay attention to:

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Direct express delivery 
  • Optimal cooling chain
  • Reusable cooling packs