Meat for conscious gourmets

Protein-rich and delicious: meat from Fitmeat.

Low carb and low fat are two diets that are especially important for athletes. The reduction of carbohydrates is intended to accelerate the breakdown of fat in the body and to maintain muscle tone over time. The latter is achieved through protein-rich foods that stimulate the metabolism. High-quality meat or animal proteins are therefore perfect for conscious and healthy gourmets. Meat contains only small amounts of carbohydrates and is rich in important protein.

However, high quality meat products are key. Just like choosing "lean" cuts that are nevertheless genuine sources of protein and nutrients such as omega3, B vitamins and selenium. The following meat products make athletes' hearts beat faster and are also ideal for Meal Prep.

Poultry - the protein miracle

Poultry is considered the absolute must-have product among athletes. Sure, it is extremely lean, rich in protein and also extremely versatile. Poultry is also significantly lower in fat than beef or pork. High-quality turkey meat also contains iron, vitamins and minerals.

Premium poultry from Fitmeat

At Fitmeat you get premium chicken meat from the Austrian Maishendl, as well as first-class turkey meat from the Austrian Sonnenpute. Our animals are fed only with natural feed. This means that the meat is completely free of hormones and genetic engineering.

Red meat for a conscious diet

Red meat is also perfect for a balanced diet and provides important minerals. Lean cuts such as beef, venison or lamb are suitable for a conscious diet or for athletes. These have a lot of high-quality protein and are proven foods for building fat-free muscle mass.

Beef from Fitmeat

Our typical cattle breeds are Red-Angus, Black-Angus, Charolais, Limousin, White-Blue Belgian and Wagyu, as well as various crossbreeds. The animals come 100% from Austria and we attach great importance to this. The farms are located in Lower Austria in the Waldviertel, in Salzburg and in neighbouring Upper Austria.

We distance ourselves from factory farming and long transports. We rely on animals that are kept in a species-appropriate manner, born and raised by small farmers, and on butchers who know both farmer and animal personally.

Pork is also suitable for athletes

An optimal diet is not only something for athletes, but for everyone who wants to enjoy their meals consciously. Interestingly, however, pork is often avoided because of its fat content. Quite a pity, because a high-quality pork fillet contains almost as little fat as a poultry breast, yet provides almost the same amount of protein and also has a much more intense taste.

Premium pork from Austria

Really lucky! You won't get this quality of meat anywhere else! When it comes to the highest quality and enjoyment, you've come to the right place. Because we pay attention to outstanding results in all aspects. For example, 100% of our pork comes from Austrian straw pigs.