Ribs selection from Fitmeat: Rib Rib Hurry!

Ribs, spareribs, competition ribs oder jucy plateribs - there are many names for what is probably the best finger food in the world. In addition to classic spare ribs from Waldviertel straw pigs, Fitmeat also offers baby back and St. Louis cut ribs.

What makes our ribs so special?

A wonderful crust and a really thick layer of meat, with juicy tender relish: that's how ribs have to be for us and that's why we only offer the best of the best. So they stay first-class tender even when smoked or grilled!

Thick ribs for real men
Plate Ribs from Fitmeat

Have you ever tried Plate Ribs? Then it's high time you did! The thick ribs from the beef plate are matured for a long time and have a fabulous meat texture. But they are nothing for the normal griller. Because the monster ribs need a bit more space.

Perfectly prepared for the beef-rib experience

Beef or pork, that's the question here - even when it comes to ribs! With us you get both excellently marbled and tender ribs from the Austrian heifer, as well as from the Waldviertel straw pig. So there is guaranteed to be something for every taste.

Ribs from veal or straw pork

All our ribs are ready-parried and, if you wish, can even be delivered with the silver skin already removed. So you can start preparing them straight away! Speaking of preparation - there is our popular 3-2-1 method, which you should definitely try!

Origin and farming

Lush pastures, fresh herbs and the mountains as a backdrop. Our animals grow up happily and you can taste that. Because cramped stalls, artificial light and concentrated feed are a foreign word to them. Especially with meat, high quality and perfect taste are essential. If you are looking for this, you will hardly find it in the supermarket or in mass-produced goods.

At Fitmeat, we value the quality of our meat products and take care to treat animals with respect and kindness. That's why 100% of our cattle and pigs come from Austria, and that's something we place great value on.