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Beyond the Butcher: We offer meat cuts that you can't get anywhere else. Only Fitmeat has it.

In addition to exceptionally good and regional meat taste, Fitmeat stands for one thing above all: excellent customer service!

Our happy customers are our heart and we pay attention to this with the utmost passion and joy! That is why the requests and questions of our customers are a real priority for us!

Especially when buying meat products, questions about products or special cuts can arise. Or do you have a wish for exclusive pieces that you can't find anywhere else?

No matter what it is, we are there for you and will give you support and answers so that you can experience the best meat experience!

Stark marmoriertes Fitmeat Black Label Rib Eye Steak auf schwarzem Hintergrund

Life is a pony farm!

Thanks to the great and close cooperation with our butchers, no special wish remains unfulfilled.

That is exceptional service

  • extra long dry-aged meat
  • larger quantities of meat for corporate events
  • half saddle of beef
  • special cuts and special meat aging

Such requests are not unusual for us. We would be happy to consult you as well!

Special requests, such as...

The right portion for your BBQ party

Do you have a question about the product or would you like to check your online order again? No problem! Owner & meat sommelier Florian Haslinger is personally at your disposal! Write to us on WhatsApp and we will take care of your request immediately!

Personal support

You've seen a meat cut that you really want to try, but don't know what it's called? We will be happy to help you! Even if you don't find it immediately in our online shop - we'll find it for you!

Meat refinement according to your wishes

You've heard of a cut or maturing process that you're dying to try but can't find anywhere? Then we can help you. Our butchers are masters of refinement and special maturing processes. Just send us your request and you will receive a suitable offer including personal advice!

Exclusive breeds

Our excellent relationship with our farmers enables us to source very special breeds. This allows us to spoil our customers with first-class meat that is hard to find. If you have any questions about one of our cattle breeds, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Cutting meat

The Fitmeat Steak Club

You just can't get enough of us? That's great! Then become part of our Steak Club! Why? Because you get much more!

You'll be one of the first to know about new and limited products and you can order them directly and easily. In addition, regular goodies and surprises await you! And of course, as a loyal customer you will also receive a Fitmeat discount. 


become a meat expert!
In our digital Fitmeat magazine you can find out everything about meat!

You too can become a meat expert! Our digital Fitmeat magazine provides you with real expert knowledge and real professional tips on the subject of meat, meat preparation and cuts!

When it comes to conscious nutrition, we think outside the box! As a sustainable meat retailer, we see it as our task to bring conscious and sustainable meat consumption closer.

Incorrect information and various tricks can unfortunately be found quite often in this sector! That's why we do everything we can to expose fake news and provide you with real information and insights!

Together we can set an example against factory farming and for species-appropriate animal husbandry!

Trusted, loved, enjoyed!

Our Trusted Shops ratings are something to be proud of!
We celebrate our happy community and are proud to gain new and enthusiastic customers every day!