Roe deer meat from Fitmeat - the regional delicacy

Venison, or game meat, is a collective term for meat from free ranging animals that are subject to hunting rights. At Fitmeat, this includes roe deer, stag and wild boar. When it comes to the quality of game, there are a number of important factors that should be taken into account.

Roe deer - What are the best parts? Juicy & tender with a premium flavour

Roe deer could arguably be described as the most tender meat among the game species. Along with the leg, the saddle is one of the most exquisite cuts of venison and is therefore particularly popular with gourmets.

Compared to the stately stag, roebucks are somewhat narrower and lighter. The characteristic dark red colour known from deer is also present here, but is somewhat less intense. The aroma of the venison fillet is similar: fine-grained and rich in protein, it has hardly any fat deposits and convinces with a wonderfully subtle gamey flavour.

The best of the best: Which parts of venison amaze our customers?

Great news right from the start: almost all parts of roe deer can be used and prepared. This is what makes the animal so wonderful for us, because we make sure that the rare animals are fully utilised. That is why you will find a wide range of wonderful venison varieties in our online shop.

In addition to the popular saddle of venison, which is perfect for tender medallions, the leg of venison can be used to conjure up wonderful cutlets, for example. On the lower side of the saddle of venison, you will also find the finest fillet pieces, which make the taste buds flutter with their tender juicy relish.

What makes our venison so special?

At Fitmeat, we place the highest value on fine cuts of meat. That's why our master butcher trims the roe deer backs and trims them into noble pieces. The back is characterised by its particularly fine structure due to the short fibres.

Origin of our Fitmeat roe deer

Our high-quality venison comes exclusively from free-ranging game animals shot by experienced hunters in Salzburg and the Königsbrunn region of Lower Austria. Since Fitmeat places the highest value on perfect quality and respectful treatment of animals, we strictly distance ourselves from game from creel hunting.

Any rushing or driving of the animals represents a high loss of quality and is strictly rejected by us and our hunters. Instead, we pay attention to a mindful approach that does not cause any stress to the wild animals and thus ensures a high meat quality and fine texture.

What makes Fitmeat game different?

After a successful hunt, the game is taken to a selected butcher where it undergoes another veterinary inspection before the meat is matured. Only then is the venison processed into genuine game specialities by our master butchers with a trained eye and careful hand.

In addition to the classic cuts such as backs, legs or ragout, we also produce specialities such as venison burger patties. Hunters and butchers work hand in hand to guarantee the best possible game quality. This includes, among other things, an exact shot, a close cooling chamber and the professional and flawless processing of the venison.

Things to know about roe deer meat

Compared to other types of meat, roe deer meat is extremely healthy. The meat of roe deer in particular is a front-runner here. This is because the low fat content comes from many healthy fatty acids. In addition, deer have an extremely favourable omega-3 to omega-6 ratio due to their natural diet.

Similar to other venison varieties, venison also has a great combination of low cholesterol and high amounts of vitamins, iron and minerals. This makes the meat not only a pure pleasure, but also a healthy one.

Roe or rather venison? Differences between venison and deer meat

Basically, venison and deer meat are relatively similar and are most comparable to beef. Both in terms of flavour and appearance. Both have a characteristic reddish-brown colour, a firm meat structure and a fine grain.

Compared to beef, however, the taste is much more intense. Here, venison in particular is a real stunner! Venison, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for those who prefer light game flavours.