Delicious flavour like this is just wild!

Whether autumn or winter, venison simply has to be part of it, like the baubles on the Christmas tree. The exquisite taste, the incomparable game aroma and the fine meat structure make it a real classic for gourmets.

Game, or venison, is a collective term for meat from animals that are subject to hunting rights. At Fitmeat, this includes roe deer, stag and wild boar. When it comes to the quality of game, there are a number of important factors that should be taken into consideration.

Game from Fitmeat - Origin and breeding as a quality factor. Game from Salzburg and Lower Austria!

With all our products, we also pay attention to the regional and species-appropriate rearing of the animals. We only use game from the wilderness and distance ourselves strictly from hunting in gates.

We get our game from an idyllic farm in beautiful Lower Austria and Salzburg. These regions, with their large forest and meadow areas and low population density, are the ideal home for the wild animals that settle here. Rivers and streams provide good irrigation for the area.

Thus grasses and flowers grow as first-class fodder for the animals. Mindful hunters and foresters manage these areas with great dedication. The hunted animals are brought to the nearby game chamber, inspected by the official veterinarian and respectfully processed by the master butcher.

Game is healthy!

The independent lifestyle of game and the varied diet of grasses and herbs ensure the unique taste that connoisseurs appreciate so much. Furthermore, game meat is extremely low in fat and has a high proportion of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

High standards ensure the best quality

Hunters and butchers work hand in hand to offer the best possible game quality. This includes, among other things, an exact shot, a close cooling chamber and the professional and flawless processing of the venison.

Careful preparation

With a trained eye and a careful hand, the venison is processed into game specialities by our master butchers. In addition to the classic cuts such as back, leg or ragout, barbecue specials such as venison burger patties or venison steaks are also produced.

A seasonal treat with the highest esteem

Our hunters obtain the game from the regions in Lower Austria and Salzburg and do so under the strictest of conditions. Apart from observing the shooting and closed seasons of the animals, this is a particularly gentle, responsible approach.

In addition, it is strictly regulated which animals may be selected by the hunter. Due to these particular specifications, the meat is only available seasonally as well as in smaller quantities. And that is just right! Because the meat of free-ranging animals is to be highly valued.

By avoiding transport routes, factory farming and slaughterhouses, game meat is a regional and particularly high-quality delicacy. This is how a wonderful, old tradition comes to the table and should be enjoyed with the highest appreciation.