Organic pasture-raised geese from Fitmeat

The difference between barn geese and pasture geese is already in the name. Our organic pasture-raised geese grow up on the wonderful farm of farmer Rene in the Waldviertel. In the wild, the geese can move around all year round, or splash around in the nearby stream in a large flock. This is because the organic farmer owns the so-called water right.

Access to feed and fresh, lush grass is not regulated, so the geese feed themselves as needed. As Mother Nature intended, they live in a large flock and grow up in a protected community of conspecifics.

Traditionally, the geese are available for St. Martin's Day in November and for Christmas.

Interesting facts about our BIO grazing geese.

Compared to other types of poultry, the meat of our BIO pasture-raised geese is somewhat richer and more intense. Although geese have a little more fat, they are still quite healthy. This is because they contain many simple and unsaturated fatty acids. The skin of the duck, on the other hand, contains a little more fat, although it is still well-tolerated.

In addition, geese are a real source of nutrients. They contain significantly more minerals such as potassium and magnesium than other types of poultry. The vitamin E content is also impressive. The leg of the goose also contains a touch more iron than the rest of the goose.

Goose or duck? What is the difference?

Basically, the distinction is quite simple: Compared to the goose, the duck is somewhat smaller and contains a higher proportion of fat. Goose meat, on the other hand, is rich in vitamins such as B1 and B6 and contains only unsaturated, i.e. healthy, fat.

The meat of these geese is soft and juicy and low in fat in texture. You can taste the thoughtful rearing, the beautiful surroundings and the good life of the animals with every bite.