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Wir machen dich zum Fleischexperten

Dry-Aged Beef: Genusserlebnis durch gezielte Fleischreifung

Dry-Aging, auch Trockenreifung genannt, ist so etwas wie eine eigene Wissenschaft.

Ganslzeit: Martini Gansl richtig zubereiten | Rezept

Passend zur Martinizeit liefern wir euch gleich noch unser Lieblingsrezept für ein Martinigansl im Festtagsanzug.

Was macht das Rinderfilet zum zartesten Cut?

Heiß begehrt und unfassbar zart: Das Rinderfilet

Wanna have Beef? Cuts for grilling, smocking & braising

High-quality beef is one of the most popular types of meat and is incredibly versatile. We show you which cut of beef is perfect for which preparation!

The perfect kitchen knife - a friend for life

What makes a high-quality kitchen knife? We tell you what you should look for when buying a knife and how to take care of it.

Stressor animal transport - How to do it better

Incorrect animal transport is pure stress and leads to poor meat quality. We show how things can be better and what we look out for at Fitmeat.

Homemade New York Style Pastrami Sandwich

Homemade New York Style Pastrami Sandwich like a pro! With our recipe you are guaranteed to succeed!

Chill out - Steaks and their resting times

A perfect steak needs high heat and time to chill. We tell you why and how long your steak should rest.

The secret behind the Maillard reaction

We tell you which processes are hidden behind the Maillard reaction and how you can use them to create a real steak.

Medium or rare? The cooking levels of steak

Steak enjoyment depends on the quality of the meat and the ideal core temperature or cooking level. We show you tricks on how to prepare steaks perfectly.

A burger to fall in love with - Smashed Burger Recipe

Find out exactly how a few ingenious ingredients can be turned into a burger experience that will turn your life upside down in our recipe.

Grilling steak properly: Everything you need to know

In our guide you will learn how to achieve the ultimate steak enjoyment in just a few steps.

Preparing picanha steak the right way - the recipe

The South American delicacy is an absolute hit on the grill and at the same time provides real variety.

Sous vide cooking like a pro

In our guide, you will find out everything you need to know about the trendy preparation of sous vide cooking.

Modified atmosphere packaging for meat - the freshness trap

What does it mean when meat is "packed in a modified atmosphere" (MPA)? A visual trick of the supermarkets with serious effects.

Buttermilk fried chicken - the ingenious fried chicken

This recipe will blow your mind - Our buttermilk fried chicken aka. the fried chicken in deluxe version!

Meat in the freezer: The freeze-thaw game

Freezing and defrosting meat without loss of quality? Of course it's possible! We tell you what you should look out for.

Nose to Tail - why we celebrate it!

Cattle Breeds, Pigs and co. are not just made of noble cuts - they have far more to offer. Cheers to the nose to tail movement!

Regionality: What we mean by it!

Regionality & animal welfare - two buzzwords that are often used incorrectly by supermarkets. We explain what we mean by them!
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The beef brisket guide for real grillers

In our beef brisket guide, you'll get the most concentrated knowledge about what makes a brisket and how to prepare it perfectly in the smoker.

The Old Cow - a hype that pays off?

What is so special about the meat of the fat old cow? A portrait of pleasure!

The Young Bull Lie: Quality That Isn't

Lean, dry and anything but animal welfare! We tell you what you need to know about the meat of young bulls!

Wagyu Beef Portrait: Meat like no other!

Exclusive and coveted worldwide - Wagyu beef. Is the hype justified and what makes the meat so special? A portrait of the breed.