Let's get wild - Wild boar from Fitmeat

For real game fans, wild boar meat is an absolute treat! The juicy meat, with its characteristically intense gamey flavour, makes meat lovers go into raptures. The back of the wild boar is considered the noblest cut of the wild boar and impresses with its incredible tenderness. This is mainly due to the fact that the back is only moved a little and the muscle meat is wonderfully pronounced.

Wild boar - a taste in a class of its own

The saddle of wild boar is trimmed by our master butcher and freed from sinews and silver skin. The result is a fabulous piece that is ideal for braising or roasting. Sliced into steaks, the wild boar's back also makes quite an impression and is an absolute hit with real game fans.

Wild boar meat from Fitmeat: what makes our meat so special

At Fitmeat, we place the highest value on fine cuts of meat. Our high-quality venison comes exclusively from wild animals that live in the wild and were shot by experienced hunters in Salzburg and the Königsbrunn region of Lower Austria.

Since Fitmeat places the highest priority on perfect quality and respectful treatment of animals, we strictly distance ourselves from game from creel hunting. Any rushing or driving of the animals represents a high loss of quality and is strictly rejected by us and our hunters. Instead, we pay attention to a mindful approach that does not cause any stress to the wild animals and thus ensures a high meat quality and fine texture.

What distinguishes our game from others?

After a successful hunt, the game is taken to a selected butcher where it undergoes another veterinary inspection before the meat is matured. Only then is the venison processed into genuine game specialities by our master butchers with a trained eye and careful hand.

In addition to the classic cuts such as backs, legs or ragout, we also produce specialities such as venison burger patties. Hunters and butchers work hand in hand to guarantee the best possible game quality. This includes, among other things, an exact shot, a close cooling chamber and the professional and flawless processing of the venison.

Wild boar - interesting facts and characteristics

The meat of wild boar is versatile. Whether roasted, braised or grilled - here you can let off steam. The unmistakable gamey aroma, which is much more intense than that of other varieties, goes well with a variety of dishes.

For example, as a roast or a fine wild boar stew. In addition to its excellent taste, wild boar meat is also particularly low in calories and contains very little fat.

The healthy benefits of wild boar meat

The meat of a wild boar has a high protein content and is rich in vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium as well as magnesium. This makes the meat a healthy treat in a class of its own. It also contains hardly any carbohydrates, which is another plus point.

As roasts, ragouts or in medallions, you can treat yourself to real taste with a clear conscience. Provided the animals come from a free range and were able to enjoy a fulfilled life free from stress.