Our Wagyu cattle breeds!

Our typical breeds are Fullblood Balck Wagyu cattle. The animals come 100% from Austria and we attach great importance to this. On a small farm in the beautiful Salzkammergut region, Carina and Roland breed 100% purebred Black Wagyu cattle. With the highest quality standards, knowledge and passion, and already in the third generation.

Fitmeat cattle - high quality and real taste!

In order to meet our demand for species-appropriate animal husbandry and respectful treatment of the cattle, we also pay attention to very short transport routes. Our Wagyu cattle are slaughtered at the Gruber butcher's shop in Gmunden. Our master butchers carve each animal into its prime cuts and leave them to mature selectively. Dry aging on the bone for at least 21 days - that's the motto! This is how we get first-class and well-hung meat that does not lose any water during roasting and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Wagyu - meat like no other: marbling as the supreme discipline!

Exclusive, sought-after and a marbling that blows your mind! This could be the short portrait of the Wagyu cattle breeds. But what is so special about them? Quite clearly, Wagyu cattle convince with their incomparable marbling! Namely one that is still looking for its equal! In contrast to other cattle breeds, Wagyu cattle can build up a much more even fat storage. Almost 40 % of the musculature consists of fat.

Wagyu cattle from Fitmeat!

Our exclusive Wagyu cattle do not come from Japan, but from a small farm in the beautiful Salzkammergut! Here, too, regional enjoyment and the highest quality are a real concern for us!

Origin of Fitmeat Wagyu cattle

Carina and Roland are the third generation to breed 100% purebred Black Wagyu cattle. They pay attention to the highest quality as well as optimal and species-appropriate animal husbandry. Protecting the environment and strengthening the region are their top priorities. To achieve this, they do not feed maize at all in order to protect the bees and plant life.

In summer, the Wagyu cattle graze on extensive pastures; in winter, they stay in the free-range barn with its own terrace. The cattle always have large walking areas in their stalls, there are demarcated areas for bulls, calving cows and calves depending on their age. This guarantees that the animals can live out their natural herd behaviour and live stress-free.

Complete documentation and careful selection of the stud bulls are the basis for great Wagyu meat, in addition to dealing with genetics. Balanced and natural feed as well as particularly animal-friendly husbandry guarantee the best quality.

Perfect Wagyu Steaks from Fitmeat

At Fitmeat we offer a fine selection of wonderful Wagyu meat. For real gourmets and all those who want to treat themselves to something very special.