Fitmeat burger patties - a taste that pulls you into the bun!

Everyone loves a good burger, right? We think so too! Juicy, spicy, with a tender patty and the whole thing in a homemade bun - simply delicious! Of course, the perfect burger patty is a must for a really good burger. After all, the burger literally stands or falls with the choice of burger patty.

What our burger patties are made of?

At Fitmeat, you only get the best of the best for real burger pleasure. We only use well-seasoned meat from the calf and neck for our patties.

Beef, wagyu, lamb, venison, chicken or veal - which burger patty should it be?

For our burger patties we use fine beef from the heifer, venison, lamb or veal. An absolute delicacy, however, are of course our patties from Wagyu beef or Sika deer. They make your burger a real luxury treat.

The meat is finely minced by our master butchers, partly lightly seasoned with salt and pepper as well as selected spices and formed into 11 cm patties.

Due to the perfect meat, the patty remains firm even at high temperatures, i.e. the patties do not fall apart. To guarantee maximum freshness, the patties are prepared fresh every day. They are then either fresh or flash-frozen and packaged in 4 pieces per pack.

Burger patties from corn-fed chicken:
The healthy chicken burger!

For a healthier alternative to the classic burger, Fitmeat offers delicious burger patties from Austrian corn-fed chicken. These are made from the meat of chicken knuckles. A delicacy that you should definitely treat yourself to. Not only because it is a fine alternative to well-known beef patties, but also because it is a low-fat variant.

With our juicy burger patties, you have the perfect healthy patty for a crispy chicken burger in a class of its own and an excellent alternative to well-known patty varieties.

Origin and farming

Fitmeat stands for the highest quality meat from Austria and this begins with the upbringing of our animals. In the case of cattle, we only process heifers or steers and deliberately avoid meat from young bulls.

The corn-fed chicken can peck the freshest fodder on wide meadows and feel completely at ease.

All our meat products come from small Austrian farmers. This means that birth, upbringing, butchering and refinement are all done 100% in Austria. Our farmers are located in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria, the Salzkammergut region and the Salzburger Land region.

Our butchers let the cuts age on the bone for a long time. This way we get top-quality and well-hung meat that does not lose water during roasting and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.