Austrian straw pig: The best pork

The meat of straw pigs not only tastes absolutely delicious, it is also far healthier and the most sustainable variety among the pig species.

This begins with the husbandry and nutrition of the animals. Because the diet of the straw pigs always includes only natural feed.

A mixture of barley, wheat, rapeseed, beans, peas and maize ensures that the pigs grow slowly and well and gives the meat a fabulous flavour of its own. Concentrated feed or other additives are completely dispensed with here .

This gives us pork that can be prepared excellently and offers a natural pleasure experience .

Good things take time - this also applies to pork! Origin and husbandry of our straw pigs!

Pigs are extremely intelligent and clean animals. Therefore, species-appropriate and caring rearing is the be-all and end-all for us. A requirement that is also noticeable in the taste. If you compare pigs, for example, that come from factory farms, one thing is immediately clear: due to the permanent stress, the meat is much firmer, loses a lot of water during roasting and has hardly any flavour of its own.

For us at Fitmeat, this kind of rearing is out of the question for many reasons. Because we fight for species-appropriate animal husbandry and the appreciation of meat products and strictly distance ourselves from immoral factory farming.

After the careful and stress-free individual slaughter of the pigs, our butchers leave the straw pigs to mature on the bone for a few days. The result is juicy and tender pieces of pork with a wonderful aroma.

In our Fitmeat online shop you will find wonderful cuts of Austrian straw pork for every taste !