Fitmeat meat from the stag - the king of the woods.

The stag is the noble king of the forest and an extremely popular delicacy among game gourmets. With its tender meat and fine aroma, deer is a real taste sensation. Compared to other game species, stag meat is less intense and therefore also ideally suited for "beginners".

The best of the stag - Which parts are best?

The noblest cut of deer is probably the back of the deer. It is a very special and low-fat cut. Similar to a fillet, the deer loin impresses with its extremely tender meat and can be prepared as a whole roast or as small juicy medallions.

Apart from the much sought-after prime cuts, however, there is much more to appreciate about the deer. Our philosophy: "From nose to tail" comes into its own here. Pieces of meat that cannot be sold as noble cuts are finely refined and become an absolute delight.

Fitmeat burger patties from venison!

For our exclusive deer burger patties, pure stag meat is marinated with a light mixture of spices, then finely minced and formed into juicy patties. We use pure muscle meat, without tendons. This gives our deer burger patties a fantastic aroma and keeps them nice and juicy. If you love venison, you can't miss this taste experience!

Venison - Simply delicious and healthy!

Living in the wilderness means that the meat is one of the particularly high-quality varieties. This is because living in the wilderness means that only the best food is on the menu of game animals. This includes herbs, grasses, fruit and fresh leaves. Thus, the meat is not only of extremely high quality, but also rich in protein.

In addition, game meat is low in fat and has a high proportion of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The deer's lifelong freedom of movement and balanced diet make its meat particularly smooth, juicy and tender, with an unmistakable dark red colour. So absolutely ideal for a conscious enjoyment of meat!

What makes our venison special?

Our high-quality venison comes exclusively from free-ranging game animals shot by experienced hunters in Salzburg and the Königsbrunn region of Lower Austria. Since Fitmeat places the highest priority on perfect quality and respectful treatment of animals, we strictly distance ourselves from game obtained from creel hunting.

What distinguishes our game from others? After a successful hunt, the game is taken to a selected butcher where it undergoes another veterinary inspection before the meat is matured.

Only then is the game processed into genuine venison specialities by our master butcher with a trained eye and a careful hand. In addition to the classic cuts such as saddle, leg or ragout, we also produce specialities such as venison burger patties. Hunters and butchers work hand in hand to guarantee the best possible game quality. This includes, among other things, an exact shot, a close cooling chamber and the professional and flawless processing of the venison.