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What is the definition of a heifer calf (heifer)?

A heifer is a female cow that is already sexually mature but has not yet calved. This is naturally also recognisable from the structure of the meat. The meat of a calf has a bright dark red colour and extremely fine fibres. When it comes to marbling, veal is an absolute highlight, which makes it extremely juicy and tender.

This special marbling is the result of the slow growth of the calves, which ensures fine fat storage . Compared to young bulls, they also have significantly less weight. The combination of wonderfully distributed fat in the muscles and dry aging gives the taste of the veal a distinctly full-bodied aroma.

The meat of the calf is a rarity

Most young female calves (also known as heifers) are used for milk production and only selected ones are refined into real gourmet meat. Accordingly, the meat of the calf is extremely sought after among gourmets. Because gourmets know: The finer the structure of muscle meat and fat, the more valuable the meat!