Can't hendl this: Premium chicken from Fitmeat!

We can do more than just chicken! Because our range includes a wonderful selection of high-quality chicken. In addition to juicy organic wild chicken from the Waldviertel region, there is also corn chicken from Lower Austria.

BIO pasture-raised chicken

Our much sought-after organic game hen is not only juicy and tender, it also has a wonderful taste! And that is no coincidence! Because our Wildhendl come from the idyllic Waldviertel and are bred there by young farmer Sebastian and his wife Julia.

Our Maishendl from Lower Austria

What distinguishes Maishedl from other chickens? The answer is already hidden in the name. Because the Maishendl are mainly fed with maize and thus develop their characteristic colour. The combination of the best feed and the free range makes our corn chicken incredibly juicy, tender and a real flavour carrier.

The higher fat content makes them perfect for the grill!

Our Maishendl from Lower Austria

The combination of optimal animal husbandry and the special feed mixture ensure perfect quality and make the taste unique! This is because the animals are fed a mixture of mashed potatoes, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables. The slow and careful rearing and the first-class feeding guarantee the best meat quality.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of the best chicken meat varieties. These include our chicken wings from the corn chicken, roasted chicken drumsticks or classic tender chicken fillets.

Chicken - the healthy protein miracle

Low in fat and yet rich in protein and important minerals. Yes, there is a reason why chicken is so popular! Because the meat is not only wonderfully juicy and versatile - it is also healthy. Provided you also pay attention to high quality when buying it!

Due to its particularly favourable fat composition, in combination with important vitamins, the meat is also particularly easy to digest. No wonder chicken meat is a real hit in healthy cuisine!

In contrast to other types of poultry, chicken meat consists of ¼ protein! So it's a real protein miracle. The genius of it? Compared to vegetable protein, the amino acids contained are much more similar to the body's own protein. This means that it can be absorbed and processed by the body much better and almost completely.