Lamb from Fitmeat - The silence of the connoisseurs

When it's time to eat, there has to be something special on the plate. This is exactly the case with Fitmeat lamb. Incredibly tender and with wonderful flavours, the meat melts directly in your mouth. We tell you what makes our lamb so delicious!

Interesting facts about lamb

Lamb is especially popular because of its excellent flavour and the juicy, tender meat. The meat is dark pink in colour and contains a slight fat grain. In general, it is one of the lean meats and provides a whole range of important nutrients and trace elements. Especially with regard to the iron and zinc content, lamb is an absolute front-runner.

Lamb from Fitmeat: Our breeds. Highest quality - what matters in lamb meat

Our classic lamb breeds include Jura, Tauernschecken, Merino and Cameroon lamb. Because we only use the best breeds.

Jura lamb, for example, is characterised by its fine fibres and wonderfully mild aroma. Exactly this is also influenced by the animals' diet. Here you can taste the fresh nature, the grasses and herbs almost directly. In addition, the multifaceted diversity of plants and herbs is transported through the meat, which makes lamb a decidedly healthy treat.

When it comes to seasoning or the marinade, the motto is: less is more. After all, you don't want to push the wonderful flavour into the background. A successful combination is thyme, mint and rosemary - they emphasise the flavours and create a full-bodied, fresh aroma.

Origin as a quality criterion: Our Fitmeat lambs from the Salzkammergut region

The quality and flavour of lamb are determined by species-appropriate husbandry and a great deal of passion in the rearing process. Feeding is particularly important.

Our Fitmeat lambs come directly from the wonderful Salzkammergut region. There they live on the farm of the lamb farmer Rupert.

In summer, our lambs can graze on free alpine meadows and help themselves to fresh grasses and herbs as they please. In winter, lambs and sheep cuddle up together in the spacious barn and can also take short walks in the snow here.

Concentrated feed is completely dispensed with here, as they are fed exclusively on grass and hay. So the meat develops a fine, round taste without tasting too much like lamb. A real treat!

For gourmets and connoisseurs, the origin is therefore an unmistakably important factor when choosing lamb. Due to the permanent freedom of movement, the lambs do not put on too much fat and have a beautiful, hearty muscle meat.

Lamb for fast and elaborate cooking

One thing is clear, lamb is popular all over the world. In addition to its delicious taste, it is also versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Whether for quick cooking, as grilled lamb skewers, or as an elaborate lamb stew braised over several hours - there are no limits here. A real treat for the palate is when the core of the lamb remains delicately pink when grilled.