Fitmeat gourmet packages - Carefully selected delicacies

We pack your gourmet experience together so that you have the perfect choice! In our gourmet boxes you will find a carefully selected range of the best products for every taste!

Whether it's ready-made boxes for your next burger party or an optimal week's supply for the whole family. You're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our online shop. There are also boxes for you to simply eat your way through our cuts.

What's in our Gourmet Boxes? Steak, burger, raclette and co.

The best steak cuts from our online shop in one box. Sounds like a dream? That's right, but with our gourmet boxes it becomes reality.

Whether it's our steak boxes with a fine selection from our Fitmeat Steak world, our burger box or raclette platters for festive occasions. We only pack the best of the best in our boxes and send them straight to your door.

As a special gift, the boxes can also be sent directly to friends, acquaintances, relatives or business partners.

Origin and farming

At Fitmeat, the highest quality and species-appropriate animal farming are our top priorities. That is why 100% of the animals come from small farmers in Austria. The farms are located in Lower Austria, the Waldviertel, Salzburg and neighbouring Upper Austria.

Our typical breeds include Red-Angus, Black-Angus, Charolais, Limousin, White-Blue Belgian and Wagyu, as well as various crossbreeds. It is very important to us that the animals are born and raised at the local farms.

As we distance ourselves from long transport routes and factory farming, we have the animals respectfully and individually butchered by our partner butchers in the immediate vicinity of (max. 15 minutes transport distance) or directly on the farm.

We also have close and personal contact with the farmers and work exclusively with butchers who know both farmer and animal personally. Our master butchers slice each animal into its prime cuts and leave them to season selectively.

In this way, we obtain premium and well-hung meat that does not lose water during roasting and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.