Fitmeat poultry range: Indulgence is a bird's eye view

Order fresh poultry meat from small Austrian farmers conveniently online? We at Fitmeat make it possible! In our poultry assortment you will find popular varieties for unbelievably good dishes. Versatile and absolutely delicious!

Why poultry from Fitmeat?

We also pay attention to the highest quality and genuine taste in our poultry! We therefore source 100% of our poultry from selected small farmers who raise their animals with care and great passion.

When raising the animals, we always pay attention to natural growth, which additionally benefits the quality of the meat.

In the beautiful Waldviertel in Lower Austria, our chickens and geese are allowed to live a really fine life. With purely natural feed to be taken freely and unlimited outdoor exercise or swimming fun in the lake. That's what makes our quality and you can taste it!

What makes poultry so special?

Poultry is a collective term for different types. These include chicken, turkey, duck and goose. What do they all have in common? They taste delicious and are also healthy!

Poultry meat is generally characterised by a very low fat content. The only exception is goose, which has a little more fat. The meat also has a high protein content as well as vitamins and minerals. This is exactly what makes poultry a really healthy and versatile meat in the kitchen.

Turkey from Fitmeat

Whether turkey breast, turkey escalope or our mini farm turkey - our meat is always fresh and wonderfully tender. Perfect for quick dishes or more elaborate recipes for the weekend.

Turkey meat contains very little fat and is therefore ideal for light dishes. In addition, the meat scores with a combination of very low calories and a high protein content. Especially for athletes and people who pay attention to a conscious diet, turkey meat is very popular.

What makes turkey meat from Fitmeat even better?

Our animals are fed only natural feed. This means that the meat is completely free of hormones and genetic supplements.

Oh good turkey: preparation and taste

Whether wok dishes, as a cutlet or with pasta - turkey meat is a real all-round talent. And it's ideal for light meals and low-fat recipes!

Turkey is prepared in a similar way to chicken, but the cooking time is much shorter. You can tell when the meat is cooked to perfection by piercing it briefly. When the juice is light brown and no longer pink, the meat is perfect.

For a little more flavour, herbs such as rosemary or thyme are suitable, but citrus notes also go wonderfully with it. If you prefer something heartier, you can combine onion and bacon with it, for example.