Veal - tender, pink and delicious

With its light pink colouring, veal meat is hard to beat for tenderness. A fine, tender texture that makes the meat almost melt in your mouth.

Difference between veal and beef

You could now say that veal and beef are one and the same, but when it comes to the meat, the differences quickly become clear:

Calves are young female cattle that are a maximum of 8 months old. They then become heifers. The meat of a calf is accordingly much more tender and lighter in colour than beef and has a much lower fat content.

How can I recognise high-quality veal?

As with all breeds, rearing and feeding are crucial for high meat quality. However, the quality of veal can vary.

If calves are fed exclusively on milk, the meat is almost white and correspondingly lean. If, on the other hand, the calves are allowed to stretch their legs in the pasture and eat the finest hay and straw, the meat will have a light pink to pinkish-red colour. Due to the higher iron content resulting from the healthy feeding, the meat ultimately also has a much better taste.

Why veal from Fitmeat?

Our calves are carefully raised on small farms and pampered with the best feed. In addition to whole milk, also provides roughage (hay and straw) as a nibble.

They enjoy life in the herd thanks to the free run on fresh, lush pastures with lots of sunshine. The meat of the calves is somewhat darker in comparison - this is exactly what is characteristic of a high-quality and natural way of life. Here you can see that the calf has been able to build up a healthy iron balance and thus the high quality of the meat.

In our online shop you will find a fine selection of first-class and incredibly tender veal from Austria. The farms are located in Lower Austria, in the Waldviertel, in Salzburg and in neighbouring Upper Austria.