Fitmeat Texas Longhorn Beef - High quality and real taste!

At Fitmeat we are always on the lookout for new specialities to offer our customers. In doing so, we always make sure to find regional suppliers who share our values. This is often not so easy! We are all the happier to have found a wonderful little farm in Lower Austria where Texas Longhorn cattle are bred. The family-run farm of Elisabeth and Micha is completely dedicated to this old, robust breed of cattle. Together with a dedicated team, they combine innovation and down-to-earthness while remaining true to the region.

The history of Texas Longhorn cattle: from the USA to Lower Austria!

As the name already suggests, the breed of the colourful Longhorn cattle originally comes from the USA. It took quite a while until they came to Europe. In the meantime, however, they have become quite well known in our country, too, and now and then you can see them with their large, curved horns standing in the pastures at home.

Their friendly, calm character and robustness against wind and weather make them quite uncomplicated farm and pasture inhabitants for farmers. Although the cattle look somewhat dangerous with their long horns, living together with other cattle breeds is completely unproblematic.

For a species-appropriate upbringing, a lot of exercise, large pastures and passion for the cattle breed are extremely important! Elisabeth and Micha and their team bring all of this with them.

The unique taste of Texas Longhorn cattle

Connoisseurs and gourmets swear by the unique taste of Longhorn cattle.

Because even without Wild West romanticism, it is unmistakable which high-quality piece is on the grill or in the oven. Because this breed of cattle naturally stores less fat, the meat is not only leaner in texture, but also demonstrably lower in cholesterol. Unlike other cattle, longhorns have only one third of the fat on their backs.

The natural way they are kept on pasture and GMO-free feeding (i.e. free of genetic engineering) with grass and hay develop their strong, meaty aroma. Even in winter, Texas Longhorn cattle live in open stalls, which contributes to healthy muscle growth.

The burner on the grill!

The meat of the Longhorn cattle can also be prepared like well-known beef. However, the meat is predestined for the barbecue. Because real meat connoisseurs have a huge joy when meat with such a strikingly good quality ends up on the grill.

The maturing process is carried out very carefully and without haste, as is our custom. We give the animal the appreciation it deserves and handle the pieces expertly and with care.

Longhorn beef as broth

Longhorn does not only cut a fine figure on the barbecue - it is also ideally suited as soup meat. The lack of fat is not a problem in terms of taste. If you like, you can add a few meat bones to the broth. The Texas Longhorn boiled beef is a taste explosion and the gently sieved meat melts in your mouth.

American burger in a class of its own - the longhorn in a bun!

You want a culinary trip to America? Then save yourself the plane ticket. Because with burger patties made from Texas longhorn beef, your taste buds will immediately flutter to America. The intense aroma of the burger patties is simply fabulous. By the way, Texas Longhorn burgers taste best when the patties are not cooked all the way through. That way they stay juicy, authentic and can be enjoyed as pure as possible in the bun.

First-class, sustainable & regional!

We are pleased to be able to offer you meat from a very traditional breed of cattle. It is our passion that old livestock breeds are brought back to our customers more often and that their fine meat is appreciated. Texas Longhorn cattle is another wonderful breed that comes to us via short transport routes in cooperation with regional breeders.

Indulgence and sustainability are not mutually exclusive! On the contrary, we understand this concept as our mission. For people, animals and our nature.