Cevapcici vom Metzgermeister


from the artisan butcher


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Spicy, slightly hot and fabulously aromatic. Our cevapcici are made with only the best ingredients from Austria and handmade by the master butcher.

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Product number: FM109030

Meat knowledge

Whether on the grill or in the pan, cevapcici are simply delicious and easy to make. The small sausages have a great taste - their spicy flavour, together with the meat flavour, is simply ingenious.

Cevapcici are made by our master butcher, who uses only the best ingredients. Minced pork and beef are refined with selected spices. Of course, garlic, onion and paprika are a must. They give the cevapcici their unmistakable aroma.

Then they are formed by hand. The combination of the best Fitmeat beef and pork ensures a compact, juicy consistency, which means they keep their shape even when grilled.

Cevapcici with minced meat from Fitmeat

Our mixed minced meat consists of the finest beef and pork. The animals are 100% Austrian. The mixed mince is freshly processed by the butcher and is an ideal base for many dishes. It can be roasted nicely and its own flavour is neither too intense nor too lukewarm.

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At Fitmeat, the highest quality and species-appropriate animal husbandry are top priorities. That is why 100% of the animals come from small farms in Austria. The farms are located in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria, in Salzburg and in neighbouring Upper Austria.

As we distance ourselves from long transport routes and factory farming, we have the animals respectfully butchered individually by our partner butchers in the immediate vicinity of the farms (max. 15 minutes transport distance) or directly on the farm.

We also have close and personal contact with the farmers and work exclusively with butchers who know both farmer and animal personally. Our master butchers cut each animal into the finest parts and allow them to mature selectively. This is not only true for our steaks, but also for ham, sausages and bacon!

These are carefully prepared and refined by hand by our master butchers according to the original recipe. The result? Sausages of the highest quality for a fabulous enjoyment experience.

Item number FM109030
Born in Austria
Raised in Austria
Slaughtered in Austria
Cut in Austria
Shelf life at 0-4°C 2-5 days
Shelf life at -18°C 180 days
Ingredients Pork, lamb, bacon, drinking water, table salt, WHEAT flour, salt, yeast, spices, MUSTARD FLOUR, SELLERY, rice flour, dextrose, flavour enhancer: E621, food seasoning
Hygiene advice Consume soon after opening. Kitchen hygiene is important: keep the cold chain, store separately from other products, work cleanly.
Storage advice (Fresh) Store refrigerated at 2 °C to +6 °C.
Storage advice (deep-frozen) *** compartment (-18 °C): best before: see label - ** compartment: 2 weeks - * compartment or ice cube compartment: 1-3 days - Do not refreeze after defrosting.



ca. 0.5 kg (19.8 € / kg)
1 Pkg.