Frisches Faschiertes vom Strohschwein
Gefuellte Laibchen aus Faschiertem von Fitmeat mit Pimientos de Patron

Pork minced meat

from the Austrian straw pig


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The all-rounder for versatile cooking. From burgers and minced meat to Bolognese sauce or cabbage rolls, there are no limits to your imagination when cooking. Fitmeat mince does not release water during frying, but can be nicely roasted. The flavour is pleasant, not too intense and not too lukewarm.

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Product number: FM102023

Meat knowledge

The minced meat is obtained from cuttings that are produced when the pieces of meat are parted. These are finely minced and lightly seasoned without drowning out their own flavour. This results in the characteristically fine taste with a balanced fat content.

Pork mince

Pork mince is a wonderful basic product that every kitchen should have. Whether cevapcici, burgers, pasta dishes, stuffed peppers or lasagne, the list of possible dishes is endless! Besides, your mouth is probably already watering, right?

It has a wonderful flavour of its own that gives the dishes the desired kick, but doesn't push itself too much to the fore. This leaves all options open when it comes to seasoning.

Why mince from Fitmeat?

Compared to other suppliers, the minced meat is not gassed. What does that mean? It is prepared absolutely fresh and is therefore not watery. The colour is also more natural than in supermarkets.

Butchers often take a different approach to meat sold in supermarkets. Because of the long transport time, the meat cannot usually be prepared completely fresh. The bright red colour of minced meat, however, is rather unnatural.

This is because it is produced when the meat is treated with a gas mixture (CO₂). The chemical treatment prevents the natural colouring, but does not make the meat last any longer.

The use of oxygen when packing the meat accelerates fat oxidation during cooling. This can later make the meat tough and rancid. The loss of quality is particularly pronounced if the meat was frozen.

In addition, this process causes the meat to roast more quickly, but it is therefore not fully cooked. This makes it difficult for the consumer to determine whether the meat has reached the ideal cooking stage.

We rely on meat from small farms

Meat from supermarkets and discounters often comes from so-called fast-fattening farms. Here, the focus is on growing the animals as quickly as possible. However, this means that the muscles cannot hold the water, which leads to it being released again during frying and causes the meat to "shrink". At Fitmeat, we do not use such methods for many reasons.

The shelf life is somewhat shorter at 2 to 3 days, but this is the only way we can guarantee maximum freshness and quality. If it is not needed immediately, it can be wonderfully frozen.

Due to the high quality standards and the stress-free and respectful treatment of the animals (from breeding to slaughter), our meat tastes fabulously delicious and does not lose any water when browned. Thanks to our natural and thoughtful approach, the minced meat can also be wonderfully frozen without losing its quality.

Our tip: "Divide" the closed vacuum bag with a cooking spoon - this way you can only take out one part even when it is frozen, as it is not a frozen "lump" but can be divided into several pieces at once.

We recommend one kilogram of mince for three to four people.

Cows image

Pigs are extremely intelligent and clean animals. Therefore, species-appropriate and caring rearing is the be-all and end-all for us.

A requirement that is also noticeable in the taste. If you compare pigs from factory farms, for example, one thing is immediately clear: due to the permanent stress, the meat is much firmer, loses a lot of water during roasting and has hardly any flavour of its own.

For us at Fitmeat, this kind of rearing is out of the question for many reasons. We fight for animal welfare and the appreciation of meat products and strictly distance ourselves from immoral factory farming.

After the careful and stress-free individual slaughter of the pigs, our butchers leave the straw pigs to mature on the bone for a few days. The result is juicy and tender pieces of pork with a wonderful aroma.

Item number FM102023
Breed Noble pig/landrace x Pietrain
Born in Austria
Raised in Austria
Slaughtered in Austria
Cut in Austria
Feeding Farm-grown vegetable feeds such as barley, wheat, rape, beans, peas and maize. Non-GMO donauja from regional cultivation serves as a source of protein, as well as minerals and vitamins.
Meat maturation 5-10 days
Shelf life at 0-4°C 5-7 days
Shelf life at -18°C 180 days
Hygiene advice Prepare and consume immediately after opening. Kitchen hygiene is important: Keep the cold chain. Store separately from other products. Work cleanly. Heat through before consumption.
Storage advice (Fresh) Store refrigerated at 0 °C to +4 °C.
Storage advice (deep-frozen) *** compartment (-18 °C): best before: see label - ** compartment: 2 weeks - * compartment or ice cube compartment: 1-3 days - Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Pork minced meat


ca. 1 kg (13.9 € / kg)
€14.90 (6.71% saved)
1 Pkg.