We are convinced
that meat is a highly valuable commodity.

Fitmeat Steak Cuts:
From classic to exotic to exclusive – at Fitmeat you'll find the best cuts.
Rib Rib Hurray:
Juicy, butter-tender with a really intense flavour!
Smoke Meat every Day:
Everything you need for your ultimate American BBQ experience!
Exclusive Wagyu Steak Cuts from the Salzkammergut region
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Fitmeat is
your online shop for
premium meat from Austria

What do we stand for at Fitmeat?
What do we stand for at Fitmeat?

What do we stand for at Fitmeat?

Fitmeat stands for the highest quality meat and real deliciousness! That's why you get premium meat with a clear origin, examined by a certified meat sommelier, carefully packaged and delivered cooled and safely directly to your door.

Our Values

Premium meat from Austria!
Premium meat from Austria!

Premium meat from Austria!

We obtain our meat exclusively from small Austrian farmers and have it processed by our butchers. Respectful treatment of the animals is always in the foreground. By using express shipping, we can guarantee a short transport time of less than 24h in Austria and Germany.

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Introducing meat from Fitmeat: What we do better:

First-class meat, directly from the small farmer to your home!

Premium meat, directly from the small farmer to your home! Premium meat delivered from small Austrian farmers and refined by a master butcher! Thanks to the excellent cooperation with small farmers and traditional butchers from Austria, you will only receive top-quality meat and support the Austrian value chain.

Fresh, not frozen. The reason for meat from Fitmeat!

We only sell fresh meat that has never been frozen. Excellent taste, highest quality and true freshness is our credo! And that's exactly how it arrives at your home! Our express delivery is safe, fast and 100% reliable!

Shop comfortably and safely in the Fitmeat online shop!

What would sustainable production be without sustainable shipping? We care for the environment and only use recyclable cardboard packaging. Your regional premium meat arrives optimally cooled and without plastic! We offer free shipping for orders starting at 85,00 €.

Get ready for your Fitmeat unboxing moment!

If taste blows you away, then it's a package from Fitmeat! Your freshly prepared favourite cuts arrive in perfect quality. The products are packed in hygienic and tightly sealed vacuum bags. You can either prepare them right away or freeze them directly. We wish you lots of fun while enjoying!

The best-loved meat cuts of our customers


ca. 1 kg (34.9 € / kg)


ca. 0.5 kg (29.8 € / kg)


ca. 1 kg (22.9 € / kg)

from €17.90

ca. 1 kg (24.9 € / kg)


ca. 0.2 l (44.5 € / l)


ca. 1 kg (18.9 € / kg)

from €17.90

ca. 1 kg (24.9 € / kg)

Black Label

ca. 0.3 kg (69.67 € / kg)

Black Label

ca. 0.35 kg (74 € / kg)


ca. 0.45 kg (35.33 € / kg)


Hey, nice to meat you!

It's great that you're on our site! Are you looking for premium meat with a clear origin from small Austrian farms?

Then you've come to the right place!

Feel free to order in person and give me a call:

Hello, I'm Sebastian Mayrhofer, owner of Fitmeat, and I'm happy to take your order by phone. As a qualified meat sommelier, I will be happy to advise you and help you find the perfect product.

MO - FR:09 - 6 pm

SA & SO:09 - 12 am


Or place your order directly in the online shop:

In our online shop you will find a wide range of selected meat cuts varieties. We guarantee that there is something for every taste. Take a look around and we'll make your mouth water. You can also order your selected premium meat from us without registering. Very easy, but terribly delicious!


Fit for your Meat - Interesting facts about meat


Clear origin:
Quality from Austria

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The Fitmeat team offersyou the best service
The Fitmeat team offers
you the best service

Ordering meat online has never been so easy! The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and real enjoyment also stimulates the taste buds. We are convinced that buying meat is a matter of trust. That's why direct customer contact and personal service are our top priorities! You haven't found your "dream steak"? Then get in touch with us. We are guaranteed to find a solution!

Maximum tasteneeds its time
Maximum taste
needs its time

After weeks of aging on the bone, our meat develops its maximum flavour. Only when the degree of perfection is reached are our steaks processed, cut and offered in the shop.

Premium meat from appropriate animal farming. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes.
Premium meat from appropriate animal farming. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

We take you behind the scenes, without pulling wool over your eye. Because at Fitmeat you only get meat that has been awarded 4x AT. Birth, breeding, butchering and refinement are all done in Austria. We value the farmers and butchers we work with and together we offer you regional meat with maximum taste.